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Underwriters Laboratories Reports

UL Reports

UL Verco Steel FLoor and Form Units

UL has changed the way you can access their online directory.  To access more than an overview you must register with UL in their UL Product iQ web tool. Once in the program enter Verco’s file number R6149 into the search and it will pull up all of Verco’s directories and UL listings for our products.

Verco UL Guide’s

The two documents below give a designer or engineer a shortened reference guide with links that allows for easier look up of UL assemblies based on Verco deck.  Please see the specific UL assemblies for detailed information and final design requirements per UL.

Verco UL Floor Data Sheet

Verco UL Roof Data Sheet

Factory Mutual Reports

FM Reports

 Factory Mutual – VR4 Roof Deck FM Info

 VERCO FM 3051022  – Verco Factory Mutal Approval Report


Steel Deck Institute Reports

Environmental reports

SDS (Formerly MSDS), EPCRA & EPD

Other Information

Verco Primer Specifications

Acrylic primer is applied to cold rolled steel (ASTM A 1008 or A 1039). The Verco acrylic primer is applied by a roller coat process and oven cured. Verco gray primer is approved by UL for use in direct applied fire-rated assemblies.

Verco Gray primer specifications (UL Approved)

Verco White primer specifications


Bekaert Fibers and Verco Deck

Verco and Bekaert have teamed up to use Bekaert’s Dramix® steel fiber with Verco’s composite deck – Steel fiber reinforcement has been around since the 1970-ies and continues to evolve with time. The bends and hooks are crucial to the fiber’s anchoring performance and subsequent concrete ductility. These features, in combination with steel elongation, are the main-differentiators of Bekaert’s Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement series.

Verco and Bekaert Data Sheet

Bekaert Steel Fiber Information – this link will take you to a website external to

Verco / Vulcraft Group – NuBIM® 

Verco / Vulcraft NuBIM® ADD-IN FOR REVIT® SOFTWARE – Specifying joist and deck is easier than ever with the NuBIM® Verco/Vulcraft add-in for Revit® software.  Available only from Verco and Vulcraft.

Verco Letters

Verco B-Embossment Letter With the launch of Verco Decking’s IAPMO ER-2018 there is a new embossment pattern for Verco’s B-FormLok™ embossments. This letter address the change for our customers and contractors.