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Need more time?

Verco can help you save it on your next project.

Don’t waste time installing time consuming welded wire fabric or rebar mats, just install Verco steel deck
and pour concrete with Dramix® steel fiber.

More time. Less Headaches.
Verco’s FormLok® composite deck and Dramix® Steel Fiber together:

  • Save Time: Eliminate the need for wire fabric or rebar mats.
  • Provide Crack Control: Dramix 4D fiber is designed for optimum crack control.
  • Deliver High Diaphragm Strength: Deck-slab diaphragm performance based on reverse cyclic testing.
  • UL Fire Rated: Dramix is approved by UL for virtually all steel deck-slab floor assemblies in accordance with UL CBXQ.R19307.
  • Meet IBC Requirements: Recognized in Verco IAPMO ER-2018 and ER-0423 and Bekaert ER-465.

Verco’s FormLok® and Dramix® Fiber deliver superior results while simplifying and accelerating erection of composite steel deck structures.

What’s New? 

Gain all of this value by specifying Verco FormLok® composite steel deck with Bekaert Dramix® steel fiber reinforced concrete.

Questions?  Talk to a Verco Engineer today!