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PunchLok®II System – Verco Sidelap Connection 2 (VSC2)

Verco’s PunchLok II System, which utilizes the Verco Sidelap Connection 2 (VSC2), has once again revolutionized the steel deck industry by keeping all the strengths of Punchlok and increase the connection strength also. By saving both time and money, the PunchLok family has been proven time and again to be the most efficient and powerful deck attachment system on the market.


  • As strong, more positive, and more economical than top seam welds in most applications.
  • Installs at up to ten times the speed of top seam welds.
  • Requires no touch-up from either the topside or the bottom side of the deck.
  • Can provide a completely weld free system when used in conjunction with mechanical fasteners at supports.
  • Allows the use of Verco’s factory applied custom color primer coating without damaging it.
  • 100% effective from the first attachment of the day to the last attachment of the day.
  • No inspection tools or gages required.
  • 100% inspection accuracy of the attachment from the topside of the deck.
  • Stronger and more positive than conventional button punches.
  • Stronger, more positive, and more economical than screwed sidelaps.
  • Compatble with all of Verco’s 1-1/2″, 2″, and 3″ roof and floor products.
  • Punches can be made in either direction as shown in Verco’s IAPMO and ICC reports.
  • Low operating pressures are compatible with commonly available compressors.
  • No pointed edges to cut hoses or welding cables.

For more about the revolutionary PunchLok II System, view the demo.

Verco Sidelap Connection 2 (VSC2) created with the PunchLok® II System.
Verco Sidelap Connection 2 (VSC2) created with the PunchLok® II System.
Verco PunchLok® II tool.
Verco PunchLok® II tool.