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Hilti Fasteners

Hilti Fasteners

The Hilti fastener is an alternative to puddle welds and self-drilling screws, which are both used to attach steel deck to the structure. The forced entry system utilizes a powder charge to drive each fastener through the deck and into the structural steel supporting the sheet. Hilti manufactures 3 different pins for use with Verco deck, each with a different substrate thickness range – the thickness of steel below the deck sheet determines which pin is to be used.

Installation Information

Hilti Fasteners

Fasteners must be driven with the Hilti DX860 HSN and DX460 SM tools (for X-EDN19 and X-EDNK22 fasteners), or DX860 ENP and DX76 tools (for E-ENP-19 fasteners) to ensure tight contact between the fastener head and the attached deck as shown above. Fasteners shall be located not less than 1 inch from the end of the sheets. Select the appropriate fastener based on the actual substrate thickness. This will determine the allowable diaphragm shears and flexibility factors for PLB-36 roof deck attached to supports with Hilti fasteners.

Hilti Fasteners

Visit the Hilti Online Decking Design Center to download their Fastener Guide for guidance and further information regarding proper and improper installation. Installers are encouraged to contact Hilti for free training and guidance.


Link to Hilti Deck Design Center

Hilti Fasteners ICC Reports

Hilti ICC-ES ESR-2776

Hilti ICC-ES ESR-2197