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(Arc Spot or Arc Seam Weld)

Verco roof deck is to be welded to supports with welds having an effective fusion area of at least 1/2-in. diameter arc spot (puddle) welds or at least 3/8-in. x 1-in. long arc seam welds. Welds are to be spaced on perpendicular supports as described in the appropriate tables.

  • E70XX or E60XX series welding rod is required per Verco’s evaluation reports.
  • Weld washers are required for arc spot (puddle) welds when the deck is lighter than 22 gage. [AWS D1.3, AISI]
  • Shear studs may be used in lieu of puddle welds when installing FORMLOK (floor) deck.

Parallel Supports

The spacing of welds at collectors or drags parallel to the deck ribs should be based on the shear force to be transferred. Allowable shear strengths for arc spot (puddle) welds with various gage decks can be found in Verco’s IAPMO report.

Arc Seam Weld
Arc Seam Weld
Arc Seam Weld